Dear Google My Business employee,

Notice this is official site of Pavel Smutný, the entity I am requesting the edit of.
I am the official representative of entity Pavel Smutný.
Google Knowledge Graph has very limited form to submit and explain the change I am requesting, therefore I am trying to reach out to you via making a page on official site just for you.

The nature of the edit is that Pavel Smutný is not “Czechoslovakian lawyer” because Czechoslovakia does not exist!

Id like the subtitle to be changed to “Czech lawyer, businessman and philanthropist”
or “”Czech lawyer and philanthropist” if the former is too long.

This claim is evidenced by wikipedia entry, and many other pages.

Furthermore Id like his official profiles to be added because there also exists less known “Pavel Smutný, who is a Czech musical composer”.
Links below should help users ascertain who they are searching so the identities dont get confused.

Official webpage:
Linked in:
Business page:

Many thanks,